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Welcome to Rush Radio in 1995 we started a tradition of sharing not only the music of Rush, but also focusing on exposing fans to music by other artists. Following the career of Rush - by the end of R40 supported by a final tour most had experienced a lifetime of music from one of the most extraordinary and prolific experimental rock bands of all time. The music of Rush is truly an exercise in immersive musical indulgence. Relentlessly evolving stylistically Rush explored the human condition, challenged the norm, and broke all the rules. They pushed themselves in unique and complex directions. One of the most profound examples was Neil shelving everything he knew to relearn drumming from jazz master Freddie Gruber before entering the studio to record "Test for Echo." Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart invented a style of music regardless of the selection immediately recognizable as Rush. Historically this band was all about discovery, change, expanding the language of perfection, and experimenting with a sonic and lyrical landscape spanning the history of humanity contextually, thematically, literary, and sonically - dedicated students in the evolution of music and virtuoso instrumentation. Their influence on the rock culture, progressive rock, metal, symphonic rock, any and all rock sub genres is indisputable. This synopsis of the band is at the heart of Rush Radio. Our purpose is to not only promote the music of Rush, but to introduce the music of other artists who have inspired Rush, others following in their light, and those who shared their musical journey beside them. Please support these artists if you enjoy their music. With the current pandemic supporting their music means more today than ever. Thank you and again welcome to Rush Radio.

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